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Scrapeit Professional Callus Remover Tool is a new revolutionary instrument,designed to remove calluses and corns effectively, safely and quickly, being at the same time safe and gentle with the skin. This instrument removes only hard keratinized skin and stops scraping when normal skin presents itself,permitting complete callus removal in a gentle, safe way. The usual pedicure routine using this instrument will maintain your feet free from calluses permanently, guaranteed.

Is truly amazing the safe way it scrapes the hard skin and stops scraping when the normal skin presents itself. It is made of the highest grade of surgical stainless steel and still works perfectly even after using it everyday for one year! It will be to many homes as important an instrument as a nail clipper or a pair of scissors. I've been a Podiatrist since 1975 and my opinion is that this device could seriously effect the sales of corn and callous removing chemicals and paddings and visits to the Podiatrist.

Richard Weissman DPM - Miami, Florida.

We will replace or refund the purchase price (less shiping and handling) if you for any reason you are not satisfied with the performance of this product, to request a return code please send us an email with your name and address to:


You must read and follow the instructions of use before using this device. Do not use it if you have Diabetes, AIDS. If you are being treated for this or any other condition, consult your doctor or podiatrist before using SCRAPEIT Professional Callus Remover Tool. Keep away from children.


THANKS SCRAPEIT It almost seems a miracle, my feet are as smooth as those of a newborn. The callus is gone and it hasn't come back! Already after the first two uses of Scrapeit!, the hard, horrible callus I used to get on my heels and my right toe disappeared and I haven't seen it again - many months after?
Soft touch also got rid of a persistent corn I had on my left little toe, the skin in that location is now soft and smooth again. And all this with NO side effects, no cuts, no burns, no pain! I know it's hard to believe, but very true - give it a try and you won't regret it! - [BM-W, Miami, 26 DEC 2003]